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PC Computer Repair

Our dedicated team of technicians have many years of experience in repairing and upgrading computers, we can quickly diagnose and give competitive quotes for all kinds of repairs from failed hard drives to faulty Power Supply Units (PSU’s).

Often a computer doesn’t fail completely, sometimes it can just run slow or crash unexpectedly, this can be one of may things from a build up of “junk” files that need removing or perhaps something more sinister such as a virus or malware. We offer a dedicated service that focuses on virus removal and speeding up your machine.

Alternatively a slow computer that crashes regularly may just need a few upgrades to allow it to cope with the demands of modern software, the most common and affordable upgrade to add some speed to your PC is likely to be a ram upgrade and at Diamond Media we stock a wide range of RAM chipsets at super competitive prices. There would be no charge for fitting your memory which is better than buying and fitting it your self you also get the added benefit of our experience and of course our unbeatable warranty.

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